Product Summary

The SST39VF400A-70-4I-EKE is a Multi-Purpose Flash (MPF) manufactured with SST proprietary, high-performance CMOS SuperFlash technology. The split-gate cell design and thick oxide tunneling injector attain better reliability and manufacturability compared with alternate approaches. The SST39VF400A-70-4I-EKE writes (Program or Erase) with a 2.7-3.6V power supply. The SST39VF400A-70-4I-EKE conforms to JEDEC standard pinouts for x16 memories.


SST39VF400A-70-4I-EKE absolute maximum ratings: (1)Temperature Under Bias:-55℃ to +125℃; (2)Storage Temperature:-65℃ to +150℃; (3)D. C. Voltage on Any Pin to Ground Potential:-0.5V to VDD+0.5V; (4)Transient Voltage (<20 ns) on Any Pin to Ground Potential:-2.0V to VDD+2.0V; (5)Voltage on A9 Pin to Ground Potential:-0.5V to 13.2V; (6)Package Power Dissipation Capability (TA = 25℃):1.0W; (7)Surface Mount Solder Reflow Temperature:260℃ for 10 seconds; (8)Output Short Circuit Current:50 mA.


SST39VF400A-70-4I-EKE features: (1)Organized as 256K x16; (2)Single Voltage Read and Write Operations: 2.7-3.6V; (3)Superior Reliability: Endurance: 100,000 Cycles(typical), Greater than 100 years Data Retention; (4)Low Power Consumption(typical values at 14 MHz): Active Current: 9 mA (typical), Standby Current: 3 μA (typical); (5)Sector-Erase Capability:Uniform 2 KWord sectors; (6)Block-Erase Capability:Uniform 32 KWord blocks; (7)Fast Read Access Time:70 ns; (8)Latched Address and Data; (9)Fast Erase and Word-Program: Sector-Erase Time: 18 ms (typical), Block-Erase Time: 18 ms (typical), Chip-Erase Time: 70 ms (typical), Word-Program Time: 14 μs (typical); (10)Chip Rewrite Time:4 seconds (typical); (11)Automatic Write Timing: Internal VPP Generation; (12)End-of-Write Detection: Toggle Bit, Data# Polling; (13)CMOS I/O Compatibility ; (14)JEDEC Standard: Flash EEPROM Pinouts and command sets.


SST39VF400A-70-4I-EKE Functional Block Diagram

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Microchip Technology

Flash 256K X 16 70ns

Data Sheet

0-1: $1.28
1-10: $1.03
10-25: $0.91
25-100: $0.85

Microchip Technology

Flash 4M (256Kx16) 70ns 2.7-3.6V Industrial

Data Sheet

0-620: $0.89
620-1000: $0.89